Champion cigarette litter prevention

Start in your neighborhood.

Look around.  Understand your community’s ethic around the cigarette litter issue.  Take a quick assessment:

  • Where is cigarette litter impacting the community’s quality-of-life, economy, and neighborhood?  Where are the areas of greatest need?
  • Find out about local litter laws. Do they exist?  Are they enforced? Do they target cigarette litter?
  • Identify stakeholders.  Seek out individuals or groups in the community who may be motivated to reduce cigarette litter.  Start talking to them and share your concerns.

Start a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. Create a prevention program in your community.  It’s doable.  It gets results.  We’ll show you how:



My first words to anyone thinking of developing a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program for any roadway are 'do it!'


Adam Roberts,
Hot Springs/Garland County Beautification Commission, Hot Springs, Arkansas

What You Can Do

Communities implementing a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program reported an average of over 50% reduction in cigarette butt litter.

Looking for a model cigarette butt litter law? Check out Tennessee’s and South Carolina's.

Communities implementing the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program consistently cut cigarette butt litter by half in the first 4-6 months.  As communities continue to monitor the program, those reductions are sustained or even increased over time.  Get sustainability survey results